CB Bank optimized their customer service with the help of BI Miner

With BI Miner, it helps us filter out the previously lost negative comments, making it simpler for us to engage and deal with them promptly and efficiently. Previously when we would go through comments, it used to be a top-down approach and we didn’t know it’s seeing a negative comment unless we’re reading it..

Htoo Aung (Head of Digital Marketing of CB Bank)

Community Management is an area that CB Bank has always wanted to improve on and we figured out why.

CB Bank had the most negative comments on Facebook for the 1st Quarter of 2019 compared to its rivals. In an industry that is very competitive with no switching barriers, CB Bank needed a solution that’ll help manage negative interactions amongst many other comments.

Started using BI Miner in May 2019 

Community Management can be overwhelming to go through for a huge company especially if their Facebook page is highly active. As a community manager, one has to determine which comments are deemed important and takes priority over others. What are the negative comments? Identifying them and compiling them together as cases that needs to be dealt with. All of these activities take time and expertise to manage efficiently.

BI Miner handles the hard work, smartly – it labels every comment and compiles them within an accurate pool (what the consumers was talking about) along with sentiment (Positive, Negative and Neutral) so that CB Bank can prioritize and take effective actions immediately, and overall dropping the average negative comments in Q2 2019 to 8.16% from 10.79% previous quarter.

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