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Bagan Intelligence : Business Intel at your fingertips

23 Sep 2019

Hi there,

You have known us from our ground breaking keyboards, Bagan Keyboard and Frozen Keyboard. With over 15 million active users across these platforms – we end up processing more than 10 billion words a week. Simple math would tell you that we have processed more than two trillion words over the past few years, with the best team of the youngest and brightest minds; we’ve built the best Myanmar language recognition software, and now with already perfected software and our loyal customer base of millions. We are ready to give you our new groundbreaking business insights services: Bagan Intelligence.

What is Bagan Intelligence?

Bagan Intelligence (BI) is a suite of services that helps business understand, communicate and connect with new and existing customers in whole new ways. BI includes BI Miner, BI Bot and BI Ads.

Combined, these business tools represent the most powerful Myanmar language solutions available today (and our tech team is working to ensure they’re the most powerful for years to come).

How can I use Bagan Intelligence in my business?

Listen, Learn, Compare & Compete

Want to know who has the best customer service agents or mobile money app? Want to set up alerts for certain topics so that you can monitor the launch of your new service? BI Miner can and there’s a lot more it can do. Like this!

Chat, Connect, Respond & Resolve

BI Bot is based upon BiT’s unique understanding of user behaviour, developed by analysing long-term patterns across our 15 million users. It comes fully loaded with a wide range of features to ensure that your every need is met - from running innovative marketing campaigns to broadcasting to customers, and more. BI Bot not only increases efficiencies, but it reduces the potential for mistakes – it’s always on time, it’s never tired and it never forgets. Need to generate sales leads effectively and efficiently? Just ask BI Bot. Want to respond instantly to product enquiries? BI Bot is ready.

Segment, Send, Sell & Succeed

BI Ads enables your company to market directly to all of our 8 million active users. If your target customer has an Android smartphone, they’re probably using our keyboard and they’ll see your ad. While Facebook becomes saturated (and expensive), BI Ads offers a unique route to new customers. Want to segment our 8 million users? Our user profiles include key variables, such as handset model, telecom provider and location! Ready to move beyond Facebook marketing? BI Ads is available now.