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Bagan Intelligence (BI) is a suite of cutting edge business tools that helps business understand, communicate and connect with new and existing customers in whole new ways. BI includes BI Miner, BI Bot and BI Ads. Combined, these business tools represent the most powerful Myanmar language solutions available

BI Miner

They’re talking about you. BI Miner lets you hear and interpret what’s been said online about you and your competitors and helps you take action. Want to compare your customer service or latest product against the competition? BI Miner can show you in seconds.


BI Bot

BI Bot redefines chatbots in Myanmar. BI Bot is based upon a unique understanding of user behaviour, developed by analysing long-term patterns across our 15 million users. Respond to customers and sales leads faster and better than ever.


BI Ads

Bagan Keyboard is one of the most widely used Myanmar language keyboards in the country with more than 8 million active users. BI Ads lets you market through on-keyboard advertisements with customer segment targeting to reach your audience. Want to scale your product or service? Reach millions of target customers in a few clicks with BI Ads.